Introducing Solar Permit Specialists: Your Hassle-Free Permitting Solution for Solar Systems

Are you a homeowner or solar installation company looking for a seamless permitting process for residential roof and ground-mounted solar systems? Look no further! At Solar Permit Specialists, we specialize in handling the complex and time-consuming task of obtaining permits for solar installations throughout most of the US.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in fair and transparent pricing.


For our standard roof-mounted permits, we charge an affordable $300.

If you opt for a ground-mounted system, the price is $400.

In cases where the system exceeds 10kWs, an additional $100 charge applies.

If you decide to incorporate a battery into your PV system, we offer battery permitting services at $100 when added to PV and $300 for battery-only permits.

** Additionally, we handle the costs associated with city fees and engineering (if required) during the permitting process.

** These charges and receipts will be included in your final invoice, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Comprehensive Service

When you choose Solar Permit Specialists, you can sit back and relax while we handle the entire permitting process on your behalf. From the moment you submit our questionnaire, we take care of designing the permit, submitting it to the city, and handling any necessary corrections.

We even go the extra mile by picking up the approvals and shipping them directly to you, complete with the required placard and sticker labels.

Get Started Today

If our services sound like the perfect fit for your solar project, we would be thrilled to assist you further. To get started, we'll send you our introduction email, outlining the simple steps to initiate the process with Solar Permit Specialists.

Don't let permitting hurdles delay your solar installation any longer. Contact Solar Permit Specialists today and experience a hassle-free journey from start to finish.

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